Environmental Statement

It is the policy of Sloan Environmental to conduct its business in a way that will lessen or eliminate any adverse effects on the environment. To achieve this, the company undertakes to:

  1. Use sound environmental practices in its day to day operations.
  2. Where possible obtain all materials from sustainable sources.
  3. Use registered waste disposal companies for the removal of all waste materials.
  4. Ensure that company vehicles meet all recognised emission standards.
  5. Maintain high standards of cleanliness in respect of litter and waste materials.
  6. Ensure any chemicals and additives used do not present a hazard to the environment.
  7. Limit or eliminate all emissions to the atmosphere.
  8. Reduce the environmental impact of all new equipment and company operations.
  9. Reduce the impact of nuisance noise and work within acceptable hours in residential areas.
  10. Respect and comply with clients’ policies to protect the environment.

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